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    Spinnerbaits are wire baits are constructed with a large blade or blades connected to a jig with a large hook by heavy gauge wire. Spinnerbaits are made to imitate the silhouette and vibrations of a baitfish in the water, typically used in clear or stained water to target game fish like Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye.  Spinnerbaits come in many different colors and blade combinations, the most commonly used combination is a white double willow with nickel blades being really good for clear water lakes.

    The different types of blades are better for different types of water conditions for example Willow Leaf blades give us subtle more realistic vibrations which are better in clear water situations,  Colorado blades are the exact opposite and make a really present thumping action in the water making them great for very murky water or for fishing at night. Indiana blades are a middle ground between willow leaf blades and Colorado blades, giving a subtle thump and ideal for stained water conditions.  Another key feature to blades is the color of blade. A quick rule of thumb for blade colors is Silver is good in clear water or sunny days, gold is better for low light situations, and brightly painted blades are good for muddy water. Combinations of blade color, styles, and size all make a difference.